The PodiumWelcome to, bringing you tools, tricks and advice so you can deliver your next speech with impact, confidence and ease. Public speaking has been critically important to my career and has gone from something I would dread to something I now cherish. I’m not a “professional speaker,” but I am a professional who speaks extensively, and I bring more than 25 years of real-world experience to this site. My sincere hope is that my experiences and recommendations can help you.

You’ll find a range of articles on this site designed to help your public speaking efforts. As the site’s title implies, the site is about providing solutions (i.e., “hacks”) to public speaking challenges, with an emphasis on technology and how to best use it.

My public speaking experience has taught me that you need to be exceptionally well prepared and anticipate a wide range of speaking conditions when you step up to the front of the room. If you’re prepared with the right tools and planning, the less you need to worry about the myriad of details that can trip you up, and the more you can concentrate on giving the presentation your all.

I invite your input and encourage you to participate in the community by posting your comments and sharing your own experiences, ideas and recommendations.

Thank you for visiting, and my warmest wishes for success in your next speech.


David, “The Public Speaking Hacker”

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