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Malachi Talabi

Storytelling coach

When you finish speaking, you’re not really sure if you’d influence the audience. 

“That was life changing” or, “You were the highlight of the event!”

I get it,

You’re not new to this, you’ve read stuff about the power of speaking and know what it can do for your personal profile and how important it is to help you get your message across, but you still struggle to share your ideas in an inspiring way, at best your speaking is hit and miss. 

I’ve been there. 

As a novice speaker, I joined a speaking group called Toastmasters.

I had zero training and no reputation. I just wanted to give it a try.

I had spoken in church and at a few weddings prior to this, but nothing serious. I didn’t know how people would react when I shared my ideas.

Strangely enough, nine months into my Toastmasters journey, I won the UK and Ireland Public Speaking competition at my very first attempt, eventually placing third in the world semi-finals in Las Vegas.

Crazy, right?

I was shocked too but this was no fluke.

I went on to win the UK College of Public Speaking Championship not long after and then placed runner-up in the UK Humorous Speaking Contest.

After speaking in contests, I started getting emails and phone calls asking me to teach and train people in the art of public speaking. That’s where this blog came from.

I can’t put it down to experience, and it’s not that I was particularly gifted either. I am proof that with the right tools you can influence, impact and inspire any audience you stand in front of.

If you hang around on this blog long enough, you’ll receive an abundance of tips, tricks and hacks that will help you quickly build a reputation as a good speaker.

You will walk away from your speeches knowing that your audience loved you, your boss was impressed with you and, most importantly, that you influenced your audience.

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