24 OF THE BEST Public Speaking books (For leaders and Entrepreneurs )

Want to improve your public speaking?


If I could give you a tool that would help you catapult your speaking skills, then I’d give you one of these 24 books.

I couldn’t decide which one was the best, so I thought I’d let you choose for yourself. Reading as many of these books as you can, will help you deliver great presentations, create a healthy stream of income, and speak with confidence every time you are onstage.

I’ve split the books into categories:

1.      Improving your storytelling

2.      Getting paid to speak

3.      Humor for speakers

4.      Public speaking as a whole


Improving your Storytelling: 


1.  The Story Factor: Inspiration, Influence, and Persuasion through the Art of Storytelling


Author:  Anne Simmons

Anne does a great job of sharing the value of storytelling. You’ll definitely love her explanation of the 6 types of stories that every speaker needs.

2.  Using Stories and Humor


Author:  Joanna Campbell Slan

This is an old book but the author dives deeply into how to create entertaining presentations!  She leaves no stone unturned — it’s fun, it’s detailed, and you will learn a lot.



3. The Story Theater Method

Author: Doug Stevenson

This has to be the BEST book on storytelling for presentations that I have ever read. I couldn’t put it down and it instantly improved my storytelling. Use the tools in here and you’ll have your audience begging for more!

4.  World Class Speaking 

Authors: Craig Valentine and Mitch Meyerson


If you want to make money speaking, or at least be the best speaker at every event you speak at, then turn the pages of this book! It deals with EVERYTHING, speaking-wise. I included it in the storytelling section because Craig’s storytelling system can be found in this book and it is world Class.

  1. World Class Speaking in Action

Authors:  Craig Valentine and Mitch Meyerson

I actually co-authored a chapter in this book along with 49 other certified world-class speaking coaches. We take our knowledge and use it to reveal a lot of fresh speaking content. This book was an Amazon bestseller.

  1. The Elements of Persuasion

Authors: Richard Maxwell and Robert Dickman

This book really captures the power of storytelling in relation to persuasion—explaining why stories work. There is a fantastic chapter on sticky stories, and the book clearly shows how and why stories work in a business context.

  1. Sell with a Story

Author:  Paul smith


If you have something to sell, this is the book for you. The author really takes a deep dive into how to sell with a story and gives you a lovely template to help you get your story right!

  1. . The Power of Personal Storytelling

Author:  Jack Maguire


This is the best book I have read on finding your story. Now, the author covers other things but the content and exercises on finding your story are flawless. If you struggle with finding your story, pick up this book.

  1. Improving your Storytelling


Author:  Doug Lipman


If you are new to storytelling, this might be a little too much for you. This book is full of wisdom for more seasoned storytellers. He has some great tips on memorization and he covers everything from what story is to the relationship between the speaker and the story.

  1. Unleash the Power of Storytelling

Author:  Rob Biesenbach

Rob has written a very fast-paced, modern book that anyone can pick up, read, and use. He teaches you how to craft and build stories for any situation, how to find your origin story, and how to use stories in a presentation. He has a very conversational style of writing.

  1.  Presenting to Win: The Art of Telling Your Story

Author:  Jerry Weissman


This book will teach you some core tips for turning stories into presentations. The author explains how to start a story and why it’s important to answer to the exact benefits you want your audience to receive when they listen to you.


Getting paid to speak : 


  1. The Wealthy Speaker 2.0

                                            Author:  Jane Atkinson


The wealthy speaker is probably your best go-to guide for creating a speaking empire.  Jane talks about specific tips to get booked and to profit online and offline.  It’s a long read but every page is full of golden nuggets.

13.  Speak and Grow Rich

Author: Dottie Walters

If you’re a speaker who wants to be paid crazy fees for your speeches, then topics like these are super-relevant!

✔️ Sources of incomes for professional speakers
✔️ Creating topics that get you booked
✔️ Moving from free to fee
✔️ Positioning yourself as an expert

This was the first book I was given as a gift!  Although Dottie is no longer with us, her book is still relevant for tips like creating messages and approaching meeting planners.

Humour for speakers :



14.  Stand-Up Comedy: The Book

                                               Author: Judy Carter


If you want to learn a step-by-step process for creating entertaining speeches, then this is a great book full of tips and tricks.



15.  The Message of You


                                              Author: Judy Carter

Judy Carter is one of my favorite authors. This book is funny and practical at the same time. If you want to turn your story into a stream of income, read this book.


16. The Comedy Bible


                                               Author:  Judy Carter

If you speak, write, or perform, this book will improve that. What is great about this book is the tips from other experts who have made it to the top.


Public speaking as a whole:


17.  How to Talk So People Will Listen

Author: Steve brown

 Steve brown shares a unique perspective on public speaking, mentioning things like humility and how to argue with an enemy. This is not your usual how-to public speaking book but it is worth a read.


  1. Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

Author: John Maxwell

This book is content-rich and focuses on something many speakers struggle with —connection.  John is a pro and has so many hacks. If you are serious about transforming people, then this is the book for you.


  1.  The Empowered Communicator


Author: Calvin Miller

The book is a golden oldie but it’s helped me a lot. He especially focuses on understanding how the audience receives information (the audience thought process)


  1. The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking


Author: Dale Carnegie

Some refer to Dale Carnegie as the father of public speaking, and in this book, you will find out why. The book shares seriously easy-to-use tips for every speaking situation.


  1. Personally Speaking

Author:  Ralph Smedley

This book is another classic. I love the book because it is very specific about what to do when you speak—how to stand when you should tell a story, how to get feedback. As the founder of Toastmasters, it’s great to hear his perspective.



22.              Speak Like Churchill: Stand Like Lincoln

                                            Author:  James C. Humes

I read this book often. I use it as a reference! It’s a quick read but the author has taken his time to produce a book that you will definitely keep going back to. He shares speaking tips from the world’s best speakers.



7 Minutes to Win It: Impact, ignite, and inspire your audience in just 7 minutes of speaking!




                                                 Author:  ME! 

In 7 Minutes to Win It, I share the speech writing secrets and delivery tools that crowned me the Toastmasters International UK and Ireland public speaking champion and saw him place in the top 30 of over 25,000 contestants at the World Champion of Public Speaking semi-finals in 2011.

This book will take you behind the scenes of a winning 7-minute speech to discover just what it takes to create a powerful speech that touches the hearts and minds of any audience you speak to



Public Speaking Hacks:

     Author:  ME! (Again) 

Becoming a better speaker has very little to do with time or talent and everything to do with tools!

And when I say better I don’t mean a little better I mean standing ovation better.

Lots of speakers leave the stage knowing they did an ok job but you aren’t ready to live with being average then you’ll love Public Speaking Hacks.

You will learn the secrets to accelerated speaking growth


So there you have it!

I want you to treat this post as a speaking library!

In fact, depending on your goals you could read two books a month not only will this make you a better speaker but you’ll find that you have enough knowledge to create a stream of income and a bunch of raving fans


Now that’s worth every page you’ll read



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